A new frontier awaits us, one person, one moment at a time. It's that space we discover when we make the Conscious choice to release the grip of Fear on our thoughts, our lives, our children, our world. When Fear does arrive, we will allow it to be the catalyst it is intended to be. There is always a moment beyond...

In this space, we welcome honest, authentic discussion, and we no longer hide behind a mask created by the expectations of others. It's a space where we respectfully come together in an attempt to understand, where assumptions are healed by authenticity. It's a space where we recognize the evolving journey of each and every soul, where we know that change IS possible, for all of us. It's a space that is all about Love, not Fear.

Are you a pioneer? Join us on The Frontier Beyond Fear.

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Celebrate the Winter Solstice with Sonja Grace ~ Saturday, December 20, 2014 ~ 12:00 PM Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern

Reflect with gratitude on the transition from darkness to Light with inspiring mystic healer Sonja GraceSonja Grace. Sonja's book Earth Ways: Healing Medicine for the Soul: A Practical Guide for Ceremonies for the Earth guides readers on a sacred journey through the four seasons. Sonja is also the author of the new book Become an Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service.

From the Earth Ways Prayer for the Winter Solstice: "Thank you, Mother Earth, for this sacred time where we experience the longest night and the shortest day. As the dark triumphs--but only briefly--we are in gratitude for the Solstice as it makes the turning point to light."

For over 30 years, Sonja Grace has been offering her clients worldwide immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her healing and counseling. She has appeared on George Noory's Beyond Belief Gaiam TV program and is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM. Her workshops, retreats and conference appearances regularly inspire audiences worldwide.

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Coming soon: Rob Ragozzine


Susan was asked to provide commentary and talk about The Frontier Beyond Fear on the The Ground Zero Radio Program with Clyde Lewis Susan Larison Danz & Clyde Lewis at the May 2014 McMinnville UFO Festival, the third year in a row Susan has been a part of the live UFO Fest program.

Ground Zero Radio is a nationally syndicated show on Premiere Radio Networks originating in Portland, Oregon, where Susan started as a regular "anonymous" inspirational caller in 2011-12. Ground Zero precedes Coast to Coast AM on Premiere in several national markets.


"I want to thank you for one of the best interviews that I've ever had. I think you are just a very brilliant and insightful person. I'm not flattering you. I'm telling you the truth. I enjoyed this interview...I can't remember the last time I enjoyed...I've done hundreds of these interviews, and this is certainly one of the best I've ever had. I enjoyed it immensely, and I'm hoping we can do it again some time...You know what you're talking about obviously...This one was a real conversation."
~~~Frank Joseph, Editor in Chief of "Ancient American" magazine and the author of multiple popular books, including Before Atlantis: 20 Million Years of Human and Pre-Human Cultures, as stated during the 4/24/2013 show

"Thank you for all you're doing with your show. It's incredibly important…keep going, dear!"
~~~Dr. P. M. H. Atwater, one of the top near-death experience experts in the world, as stated during the 5/23/2013 show

"Susan, thank you so much. It's been a total pleasure. And you are a wonderful interviewer, guiding the whole conversation. Thank you so much! I'd love to come back!"
~~~Dr. Linda Backman, world-recognized past life regression therapist, as stated during the 3/10/2014 show

"Thank you, Susan, for your perceptive questions and comments during the interview with Joel Garbon and myself. Your awareness shone on our breakthrough-energy field and the result IMHO was a light-filled hour."
~~~Jeane Manning, investigative journalist, co-author of Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World & contributing author to Infinite Energy Technologies, quoted with permission regarding her appearance on the 5/6/2013 show

"Susan, thank you for a terrific interview, and let me tell you, it makes all the difference in the world to have a host who is informed and interested and who's had a look at the book."
~~~ Dr. Susan B. Martinez, PhD in Anthropology from Columbia University, author of The Lost History of the Little People: Their Spiritually Advanced Civilizations Around the World, as stated during the 4/19/2013 show.

"Thanks, Susan. It's always a joy. You're such an inspiration to all of us who get the privilege to hear you or meet you - and I've done both - and I'm just thankful that you are on the planet and part of the plan."
~~~Carlton Pearson, former evangelical mega-church minister, progressive spiritual teacher and author of "The Gospel of Inclusion", as stated during the 10/6/13 show

"Let me say Susan I think that what I often long for in interviews - and I have been doing a fair number of these - is I often long for the interviewer to sort of be there with me and to be sharing from his or her own life. So I am deeply appreciative that you're being straight and vulnerable with me and with your listeners."
~~~Dr. Robert Forman, PhD in Comparative Religions from Columbia University, award-winning author of Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be, as stated during the 7/13/12 show

"Thank you again! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and think you do a brilliant job! It is sooooo much easier to talk with an interviewer who is friendly, open and brings so much of herself to the conversation. You had such wonderful insights and questions. It made for a real interchange, I think!"
~~~ Cat Bennett, artist & author of Making Art a Practice: 30 Ways to Paint a Pipe (How to Be the Artist You Are) and The Confident Creative: Drawing to Free the Hand and Mind, quoted with permission regarding her appearance on the 9/18/2013 show

"It's been wonderful being on the show. We have had this lovely conversation - as you say, like having a cup of coffee. I've enjoyed it so much...Thank you for everything you're doing at so many levels and just for being the beautiful person you are. I can feel it through the phone, so open, and just allowing people to experience themselves...You do it brilliantly."
~~~Christine Page, M.D., author of multiple books and international seminar leader, as stated during the 12/12/12 show

"Thank you, Susan, thank you for the great work you're doing following your sacred purpose in the world and giving us a platform to put this out especially at this time on the planet."
~~~Linda Star Wolf, PhD in Spiritual Psychology, Co-Founder, Isis Cove Community and Retreat Center, as stated during the 7/1/2013 show

"Thank you for being such an amazing interviewer. You're really excellent."
~~~Barbara Schacker, co-author of Michael Schacker's book Global Awakening: New Science and the 21st Century Awakening, as stated during the 5/9/2013 show

"Thank you again for having me on the show. I really enjoyed the conversation, and I wish you all the best with this important work."
~~~Dr. Parker J. Palmer, Founder of the Center for Courage & Renewal, as stated during the 4/17/2014 show

"You've been so gracious, and one of the things that I've loved about this conversation, Susan, is that I felt all the way that you really have understood the ideas and the notions that exist around synchronicity. It's just been a pleasure to speak with you, and I'm so delighted to be here today meeting you."
~~~Dr. Allan G. Hunter, PhD in English Literature from Oxford University, author of multiple books, including The Path of Synchronicity: Align Yourself with Your Life's Flow, as stated during on the 2/27/2013 show.

"I did a wonderful show from our friend Susan Larison Danz, who hosted us at the Conscious Life Expo this year. It was an hour and a half interview, and I walked a way going 'Boy, we could have done another hour and a half' - it was just so much fun."
~~~Phil Leirness, talented filmmaker of multiple films, including "The Truth is Out There" and popular podcast co-host, speaking on the 7/16/12 Chillpak Hollywood Hour about his 7/14/12 interview on The Frontier Beyond Fear. Susan was later invited to be the featured guest on the 2/11/13 Chillpak Hollywood Hour podcast.

"You are a very wise woman and that was so beautifully put. I'll always think of it that way... and I'm with you - the older I get, the more I see how we all fit together...and we need each other, we need different points of view...I appreciate you so much and the opportunity to spend this time with you. It's just been wonderful talking to you."
~~~Vicky Trabosh, author, radio host and founder of the Itafari Foundation, as stated during the 6/29/12 episode of The Frontier Beyond Fear

"Congrats! We have listened to and enjoyed your previous BlogTalkRadio broadcasts. As a result, our editorial team has selected you to be a Featured Host on BlogTalkRadio!"
Susan Larison Danz is honored and thankful to be selected by the BTR Editorial Staff for highlighting on the Blog Talk Radio home page as a Staff Pick or Today's Pick multiple times, especially in light of the overall number of shows and expanding reach of the network. Blog Talk Radio reports: "1,800 shows created per day, 15,000+ active hosts and 40 million listeners/month."

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Guest suggestions welcome, even if it's YOU! Send ideas, comments and questions to: info@frontierbeyondfear.com

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Highlights from Recent Shows

The Gift of Maybe: Allison Carmen ~ December 18, 2014

Are you addicted to certainty? What if the answer resides in Maybe? Former attorney and successful life coach Brandt MorganAllison Carmen shares her personal journey to transformation revealed in her new book The Gift of Maybe: Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times.

Allison's addiction to needing to know or predict what would happen next trapped her in a spiral of anxiety, doubt and fear...until she discovered the life-altering mindset of the concept of Maybe. By accepting the "truths" of Maybe, we can release stress and worry, opening the doors to hope, joy and possibility in all aspects of life.

An active speaker and blogger with articles in The Huffington Post and Psychology Today, Allison now works as a life coach and sought-after business consultant with clients from many walks of life.

The Five Agreements Game: Brandt Morgan ~ December 17, 2014

Internationally recognized writer, teacher and Toltec Mentor Brandt MorganBrandt Morgan shares insights based on The Five Agreements Game: The Chivalry of Relationships, a new game Brandt co-created based on the life-changing books by don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz. You can deactivate your self-limiting beliefs, transform your relationships and have fun at the same time through the magic of this game!

A free game will be given out to a listener (U.S. only due to postage constraints). Send your name and address to info@frontierbeyondfear.com to register for the contest by 12 Noon Pacific on Friday, December 19. The information will be used for the purposes of this contest only.

"This game is a beautiful window to the truth.You cannot play it without more clearly seeing yourself and how you create your relationships.You cannot play it without taking more responsibility for your life.You cannot play it without feeling more joyful and free.'The Five Agreements Game' is proof that transforming your life does not have to be difficult. It is a powerful way of finding happiness while having fun.This game is like life. If you play it with love, you are already a winner." ~ don Miguel Ruiz

Brandt Morgan is a certified firewalking instructor whose love for the Earth is revealed in 4 books he co-authored with Tom Brown, Jr. ("The Tracker") on wilderness survival and nature awareness skills. Brandt is the creator of Vision Walk, a highly approachable meditation process.

Live Readings with Angel Visionary Sue Storm ~ December 13, 2014

Welcome angels home for the holidays through the live guidance of angelic visionary Sue StormSue Storm, internationally acclaimed author of the popular Angel First Aid series.

has shared life-changing angelic guidance worldwide, including appearances on The Daily Show on Comedy Central, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and many other TV and radio programs, including her own Angel Talk radio program.

The Sacred Coordinate, Gateway to the Universe: Joan Cerio ~ December 8, 2014

What is the Sacred Coordinate, and how can it guide you to the dearest dreams of our hearts? Joan CerioJoan Cerio, the author of the new book Hardwired to Heaven: Download Your Divinity Through Your Heart and Create Your Deepest Desires, reveals how access to Divine Universal energy is truly possible. Integrating science and metaphysics in a highly accessible way, Joan returns to the show to more deeply explore how the sacred coordinate within your heart can unlock its mysteries and its magic, transcending limiting beliefs and creating the life of your dreams.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Science degree in Science Education, Joan beautifully blends science with spirituality in a seamless way we can all understand. Joan is a well-known workshop facilitator, the creator of Integrative Message Therapy and the founder of Coeuressence School of Self-Mastery based on her first book In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul.

Click here to view diagrams discussed in the show related to the Sacred Coordinate.

Kryon Channel Lee Carroll: A Glimpse of The New Human ~ November 14, 2014

is beloved worldwide as the original Kryon channel, having channeled this entity of Love and Light for over 25 years. Lee CarrollLee Carroll, PhD,, In anticipation of his upcoming Portland, Oregon Kryon weekend event November 22-23, where The Frontier Beyond Fear broadcast is based, Lee will share a glimpse of what it means to be "A New Human".

We will also explore Lee's fascinating journey becoming a channel, a humorous, heartwarming story of how an engineer learned to trust in a remarkable path unfolding before him. Lee's engineering background is still very much a part of his work, as he is able to convey amazing evidence of spiritual truths embedded within science. It's up to each of us to open our eyes to see the actual Reality around us. Lee does not evangelize, knowing everyone is on a journey, and all the information we need comes to us at the perfect time for awakening.

Lee is the author of the Kryon Series of 16 books in 24 languages. Well known in metaphysics, Kryon books have made the top seller’s list within months of release. One of his books, The Indigo Children, introduced the term “Indigo Children” to the world. Having presented 7 times at the United Nations and in 33 countries overseas, Lee attracts audiences in the thousands.

Dr. Dean Shrock: Why Love Heals ~ November 3, 2014

What if what can heal us most of all is Love? Psychologist Dean ShrockDean Shrock, PhD, the author of Why Love Heals and Doctor's Orders: Go Fishing, has powerful insights to share from his inspirational heart and great depth of experience, including serving as Director Of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician’s management group of 40 cancer centers. He developed and researched a wellness program which he taught to thousands of cancer patients and their families.

What if what is needed most of all is a prescription for doing whatever brings you Joy? This the special kind of a prescription Dr. Shrock brought not only to his cancer patients, but now brings to us all! And it works! Dr. Shrock's patients were living much longer than those getting only conventional medical treatment.

Dr. Shrock discovered that instilling "a will to live" matters, and it makes ALL the difference. His research explored and revealed that feeling listened to, cared for and supported, the core aspects of love, is what really matters most of all.

With a doctorate and extensive experience in Counseling Psychology, Dr. Shrock speaks worldwide at conferences and has appeared on many broadcasts. He is also one of 18 worldwide wayshowers interviewed in the new book The Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape.

Dianne Collins: Do You Quantum Think? ~ Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Are you ready for an entirely new way to think? Leading authority in new world view thinking Dianne CollinsDianne Collins shares brilliant insights from her award-winning book Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World.

The world is changing at a dizzying pace. We're all looking for new ways of thinking that can bring about real solutions to modern problems, from the pursuit of inner serenity to solving world conflicts. Quantum thinking is the critical missing link.

Dianne has explored cutting edge innovations in the sciences to the insights of the world's greatest spiritual leaders to reveal a way of approaching the world which will change your life dramatically, from business to relationships to personal fulfullment. Quantum thinking can shift the world, finally giving us a way to approach the global issues of our modern times.

A distinguished speaker and recipient of a Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs Award in 2014, a graduate in Philosophy and Psychology, an award-winning photographic artist and a blogger at the Huffington Post, Dianne has been interviewed on more than 250 radio and TV shows. With her husband and business partner, Alan Collins, Dianne has acted as a consultant to visionary leaders in the world's leading corporations to encourage going beyond limited thinking to create accelerated nonlinear achievements and results. As a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga and other modalities, Dianne has created a life path filled with joy.

Baptist de Pape: The Power of the Heart ~ October 18, 2014

How can we follow the astonishing voices of our hearts to create lives of purpose, authenticity and joy? Inspiring author and filmmaker Baptist de PapeBaptist de Pape followed his own heart to launch and co-create the phenomenal The Power of the Heart film and book duo capturing the attention of the world right now.

From the director of The Secret, The Power of the Heart movie reveals the amazing power and wisdom of the heart through the voices of worldwide wayshowers such as Paulo Coelho, Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Isabel Allende and Eckhart Tolle. Baptist de Pape is the author of the book by the same name, revealing insights of eighteen of the world’s greatest spiritual thinkers, authors, and scientists regarding how our hearts can guide us beyond limitations to our highest, most fulfilling potentials. Much more than a physical organ, truly following our hearts can lead to a dramatic transformation of every aspect of our lives.

Baptist de Pape's own path is one purely from the heart. After graduating from law school, with a lucrative employment offer from one of the world's most prestigious law firms awaiting his acceptance, Baptist realized that despite working so very hard for his degree, it wasn't truly what he was called to do in the world. Feeling lost and confused, in a moment of true transformation, a powerful impulse from his heart like he'd never experienced before told him to listen, to follow a path he had never expected. And the result is before us now: The Power of the Heart. Enjoy a spontaneous conversation with Baptist about the film, the book and his journey.

Dr. Linda Backman: The Evolving Soul ~ October 14, 2014

How can you balance past life karma so your soul can evolve? World-recognized past life regression therapist and licensed psychologist Dr. Linda BackmanDr. Linda Backman will explore powerful insights from her new book The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration. Linda reveals how to heal past relationships, caring for ourselves, working through fear and loss to help mend the wounds of past lives.

Also the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light: Healing Through Past Lives and the Time Between, Linda brings more than 30 years of private practice to her discoveries regarding the soul's evolution. She studied and co-taught with Dr. Michael Newton, author of the seminal books on Life Between Lives regression therapy. She co-created and was President on the Founding Board of the Society for Spiritual Regression (now the Newton Institute). She established The Ravenheart Center with her husband Dr. Earl Backman, a Mystery School dedicated to soul path discovery, and she co-founded the International Between Lives Regression Network.

A popular workshop leader, Linda will be teaching soon at New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, Oregon and appearing at the Portland Body Mind Spirit Expo.

Rev. Michael J.S. Carter: God, Extraterrestrials and Evolution of Consciousness ~ October 13, 2014

A frequent guest on The History Channel's Ancient Aliens program, Rev. Michael J. S. Carter Rev. Michael J.S. Carter shares insights from his new book A New World If You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials, and the Evolution of Human Consciousness, exploring how off-world intelligences shaped early religious teachings.

An active Unitarian Universalist minister and an anti-racism trainer who received presidential recognition, Rev. Carter, M.Div., is the author of Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible. He has investigated evidence of ET encounters in multiple sacred texts, has appeared on many radio and television programs worldwide, and has written articles on UFOs and Religion for publications such as UFO Magazine, Alien Encounters and the MUFON UFO Journal.

A long-time UFO experiencer himself, Rev. Carter lectures extensively on the topic of UFOs and Religion. He has also appeared on Steven Spielberg's production of Abduction Diaries, the Real 4400. Whitley Strieber, the author of the popular book Communion, described Rev. Carter's book as "the best book ever written on the subject".

P.M.H. Atwater: Proof of God in Near-Death Experiences ~ October 8, 2014

Have people who died and lived to tell about it experienced proof of the existence of God? P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., internationally recognized as one of the top researchers P.M.H. Atwater in the world into near-death experiences (NDEs), shares powerful stories and insights from her just released book Dying To Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.

The author of more than 15 books and a pioneer in the field, P.M.H. has spent nearly four decades listening and carefully noting what close to 4000 child and adult experiencers of near-death states have shared. P.M.H. has personally experienced 3 NDEs herself.

P.M.H. has won many awards, speaks around the world, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, including Larry King Live, Sally Jessy Raphael, Regis & Kathie Lee, Entertainment Tonight, Geraldo, and Coast to Coast AM. She has lectured twice at the United Nations. She also inspires others through her work as a prayer chaplain and spiritual counselor.

"This book is a treasure. It ranks among the loftiest expressions in modern survival literature." ~ Larry Dossey, M.D. regarding P.M.H.'s new book Dying To Know You

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