Recent Episodes

After a Fall ~ January 7, 2023

When we fall down, what happens next? How can our spiritual paths assist us?

With degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, writer, researcher, mystic and philosopher Susan Larison Danz combines logic with spirituality in all of her endeavors, sharing a free-flowing, authentic, intuitive and liberating perspective with listeners.

Everyday Mysticism ~ December 12, 2022

A Mystical life is more approachable than we may realize. How can we naturally live in this way? We innately knew how to do this in childhood, and we can remember. Let's "demystify" Mysticism.

Spiritual Progress ~ December 3, 2022

How does Spiritual Progress supersede material progress on a planet, in a society and in our personal soul journeys? How does Spiritual Progress relate to Spiritual Growth? What evidence in the Cosmos (providing explanations for "The Fermi Paradox" or a related strictly materialistic concept "The Great Filter") suggests that Spiritual Progress is what actually matters most (while accepting that material experiences are a part of our growth process).

Listen here to a recent Frontier Beyond Fear episode related to The Fermi Paradox: Where Are They?

The Gratitude Source ~ November 26, 2022

What is the Source of all Gratitude? How do we make it an intrinsic part of our daily lives? How does it relate to our soul journeys?

Spiritual Resilience ~ November 12, 2022

How can we find resilience on our spiritual paths, both individually and as a planet? Spirituality itself is the key.

Changes and Choices ~ November 5, 2022

How can we approach the changes and the choices we encounter in life? Autumn leads us to reflect upon poignant, yet powerful reminders.

12th Anniversary Episode of The Frontier Beyond Fear ~ October 26, 2022

Today is the 12th Anniversary of The Frontier Beyond Fear live broadcast and podcast with host Susan Larison Danz, with over 480 episodes in the archive. Never closely scripted, spontaneous reflections have been the hallmark of this show, and that is the approach tonight, just as it was when it began.

Where Are They? ~ October 15, 2022

Do advanced technological or industrial civilizations typically persist? For years, there has been speculation about this related to what is called "The Fermi Paradox". Recent astronomical and sociological observations are beginning to indicate our theories of what makes a society stable are incorrect. Spirituality has much to suggest on this topic as well. The state of the world can tell us many things, too, as does history. How can we release our materialistic assumptions and look at this topic with honesty? Did we miss the path we truly needed to take, and is it too late?

A Spiritual Solution ~ October 8, 2022

In our world today, we seem to be continually seeking a strictly "material" solution to whatever problems we face, both in our lives and on the planet. However, this is based in extremely limited ways of thinking and ironically (contrary to what we're generally "told") does not have a firm basis in Reality. It is in the Spiritual realm where we will find the answers we seek - as well as a strong foundation. These are harrowing times in the world and our lives - Spirituality is the key to making our way through them.

Projected Illusions and Fear ~ October 1, 2022

Far too often, what we fear is based on a projected illusion. We often fear people about whom we have projected assumptions. We fear events which are based on projections as well. Sometimes things can indeed go very wrong in the world, with both people and events, but how do we release projections that are not firmly based in reality?

The Frontier Beyond Fear