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Natural Daylight Time ~ March 11, 2023

How does Natural Daylight Time, aligning our schedules with the patterns of the sun (in parts of the world where we can), nurture our well-being? Many have spoken of the benefits of no longer changing the clocks. But those of us who have lived multiple decades doing so, when we are aware of how it actually helps us, know that there are benefits to this periodic clock-changing ordeal. That ordeal is temporary, but the impacts of no longer doing so would not be trivial, and will especially impact society's most vulnerable people (the elderly, those with a disability and children) due to darkness and lingering ice well into the morning in the winter. This was tried in the mid-1970's in the U.S., and it had such adverse impacts, the decision was quickly reversed due to unintended consequences. Listen Here.

With degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, writer, researcher, mystic and philosopher Susan Larison Danz combines logic with spirituality in all of her endeavors, sharing a free-flowing, authentic, intuitive and liberating perspective with listeners.

Self Worth, Mutual Respect ~ March 4, 2023

How do we value self worth and mutual respect in everything we do in our lives and the world? How do we co-create communities, working environments and relationships which value self worth and mutual respect? Listen Here.

Spiritual Reality, Material Illusion ~ February 25, 2023

It may never be more important to expand our awareness of Spiritual Reality on this planet. The strictly materialistic world view is no more than an illusion - and a passing paradigm of thought. Is materialistic fundamentalism nearing its last gasp? Listen Here

Today's live episode was inspired by the relaunch of the blog accessible from The Frontier Beyond Fear web site and the post on February 24, 2023: Spiritual Reality, Material Illusion

Amazing Possibilities ~ February 18, 2023

How can we live a balanced life in which we never give up on exploring our amazing possibilities? Listen Here.

Miraculous Nature - Our Relationship with the Earth ~ February 11, 2023

How can we more fully experience our Miraculous relationship with Nature and the Earth? Listen Here.

Balance: How Can We Seek It? ~ February 4, 2023

We must consciously choose to seek balance before we will ever have a chance of discovering it, both in our lives and our world. How can our Spiritual paths assist us? Listen Here.

Omnipresent Love, Our Lives & Our World ~ January 28, 2023

Why is it so important for our lives and our world to realize we are inseparable from Omnipresent Love? How does a deeper understanding of the nature of the Divine and our relationship with the Divine change everything? Listen Here.

Beyond the Material ~ January 21, 2023

Why is it vital to our future to go beyond the material in our lives and our world? We need to boldly assert just how important spirituality actually is. Fear is what motivates the insistence on strictly the material, fear of greater exploration of what is real. Materialism is not science, as is often misconstrued. It is simply a "school of thought". Science is the open pursuit of truth. Listen Here.

Empowerment & Spirituality ~ January 14, 2023

What does a Love-based spiritual path teach us about empowerment? How can a deeper understanding of empowerment truly change our lives and our world? Listen Here.

After a Fall ~ January 7, 2023

When we fall down, what happens next? How can our spiritual paths assist us? Listen Here.

Everyday Mysticism ~ December 12, 2022

A Mystical life is more approachable than we may realize. How can we naturally live in this way? We innately knew how to do this in childhood, and we can remember. Let's "demystify" Mysticism. Listen Here.

Spiritual Progress ~ December 3, 2022

How does Spiritual Progress supersede material progress on a planet, in a society and in our personal soul journeys? How does Spiritual Progress relate to Spiritual Growth? What evidence in the Cosmos (providing explanations for "The Fermi Paradox" or a related strictly materialistic concept "The Great Filter") suggests that Spiritual Progress is what actually matters most (while accepting that material experiences are a part of our growth process). Listen Here.

Listen here to a recent Frontier Beyond Fear episode related to The Fermi Paradox: Where Are They?

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